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Town welcomes transformative Pilates studio

Moultrie News November 1, 2023

Sisters-in-law Dana Romanosky and Leanna Noel have combined forces to offer residents a revolutionized workout regimen by recently opening their doors to Evolve Modern Pilates at 1336 Georgetown Rd. in Mount Pleasant.

During the studio’s Oct. 31 ribbon-cutting ceremony — attended by Town Council members and Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce reps — visitors were treated to a first-hand view and demonstration of Pilates workouts customized to a practitioner’s strength and skill level.

What a newcomer will first notice upon entering the fitness venue is a row of nine state-of-the-art reform machines, also known as eFormers that use springs to help people push, pull and stretch their way through a full-body exercise session.

“What I would say is that it’s a complement to any type of workout, including yoga,” explained Noel. “Classical Pilates is its own entity. It’s a full-body workout with a strong focus on the core, which is wonderful for longevity and health. So, there is a place for everyone, no matter what your desired or usual workout is.”

About three weeks into their new venture, the co-owners are currently scheduling four-five group classes per day with room for more once the new studio becomes better established in the community.

As for the kind of feedback Evolve has garnered thus far, Noel and her colleagues — which includes a staff of five instructors — have noted that members are enjoying the smaller classes that allow each individual to receive an ample supply of one-on-one coaching.

When asked about what sort of advice she would dispense to someone who has never practiced Pilates or hasn’t been physically active in general, the New Jersey native recommended that they check their doubtful preconceptions at the door and come in with an open mind.

“Come knowing that you’re not going to perform at 100 percent the very first time. It takes practice and every time you’ll do better and better; you’ll feel the results every time and you’ll get hooked.”

All novices and experienced practitioners alike, she added, must always wear their grip socks before climbing one of the studio’s in-house eFormer devices.

Attendees at Evolve’s official baptism as a community brick and mortar service provider witnessed a live demonstration of an assortment of low-impact, high-intensity Pilates exercises by instructor Alaina Tyson prior to the ceremonial ribbon-cutting.

For information on how to book a class at Evolve Modern Pilates, visit


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