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The yearn to burn: MP welcomes HOTWORX

Moultrie News 4/25/24

The HOTWORX infrared fitness craze has proliferated the Lowcountry with locations in Summerville, and most recently in Mount Pleasant Towne Centre, where locals are absorbing the concept of "more workout in less time."

Located at 1113 Market Center Blvd, the newly-opened Mount Pleasant HOTWORX continues in the tradition of 600 sister sites nationwide by offering the public semi-private sauna rooms to exercise in.

During an April 23 ribbon-cutting attended by Mount Pleasant Town Council members and Chamber of Commerce reps, business owner Joseph Colopy explained how workout enthusiasts are reaping the benefits of cellular regeneration, recovery, stress relief and detoxification via sauna-based sessions set at 125 degrees.


Each of the eight fitness studios, he detailed, can accommodate up to three people at a time, as individuals are guided by a Peloton-like virtual instructor. The seven HOTWORX trainers featured in the video workouts have been selected from a pool of 500 applicants, added the Raleigh, North Carolina native.

What's more, HOTWORX clients can take advantage of the fitness venue's convenient 24-7 accessibility.

"The beauty of it is you can modify the exercise to beginner-level or more advanced by how the pose or movement is done. So, it's entry-level friendly, but it never gets too easy," continued Colopy. "It just gets harder based on how deep you get into the pose, how long you hold it or the intensity with which you perform it."

Variety, moreover, doesn't only apply to the performance of an action or pose, but also it also relates to the type of exercise routine one can opt for. Isometric workouts (i.e. yoga, Pilates) are part of the package, as are high-intensity/short-interval sessions involving cycling and/or rowing machines. In total, there are 12 different workout types, according to the married father of five, who also keeps free weights on hand for those just looking to pump iron.

"Our philosophy is we want people to cross train, so that's why we give 12 different sauna workouts, plus the FX Zone (described as a functional fitness exercise area to train one's muscles to work together). So that way, they are doing as much as they can to cross train and get a better result and better fitness experience."

The infrared heat incorporated into this sultry and varied program of physical activity, Colopy concluded, naturally motivates exercise practitioners by warming them up from the inside, sparking an invigorating sensation within a session's first few minutes.

"You're going to start to see changes in your energy and your sleep," he assured.

For further details, including monthly payment plans, visit or call 843-568-1900.

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