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Remodeled practice targets longevity

Moultrie News March 8, 2024

InterveneMD’s March 5 ribbon-cutting celebration highlighted the Mount Pleasant medical facility’s recent expansion in the spirit of augmenting its regenerative ortho-spine services in conjunction with health and wellness.

Prior to the ceremony attended by numerous members of Town Council and the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Todd Joye spoke about spearheading the building renovation at 1341 Old Georgetown Road.

He recalled how the edifice once served as the McAlister Funeral Home in the 1970s before he and a team of doctors converted the edifice into three physician suites when opening the Mount Pleasant Neuroscience facility in 2000.

As his partners eventually transitioned into other jobs, the building began showing signs of its age with scattered leakage.

While plotting his course for the site’s structural makeover, the married father of three also saw an opportunity to embark on a new care mission about five or six years ago that would involve helping patients enhance their longevity.

“We just try to give the body the tools it needs to heal,” began Joye. “We do a lot of body optimization, lab optimization, a lot of stuff now with brain fog and Alzheimer’s and brain health.”

The recent global pandemic, he said, snapped lots of folks into reality about the importance of exercising and steering clear of sugary processed foods. Those kinds of bad practices combined with RoundUp pesticide on our organic fruits and vegetables are a major causes of illness, he added.

“There’s just a ton of research now coming out on these things that you can do on your own to get your body healthy and so you don’t need surgery.”

On that note, he indicated that the two cheapest ways to boost one’s health are incorporating resistance training in their weekly routines, as well injecting intermittent fasting intervals of 12-14 hours into their daily diet.

The fasting process, Joye remarked, helps launch the autophagy process, which cleans out a lot of old cellular material and pave the way for new cells in one’s body.

“And plus for brain health, your body uses too much glucose. They call Alzheimer’s, type 3 diabetes because it has too much glucose. And so, by fasting 12-14 hours, you force your brain to use ketones and fatty acids for fuel — a more efficient fuel for the brain,” he observed.

To maximize the benefits of fasting, he cautioned, one must make sure to ingest proper amounts of protein in their two meals, including 50-60 grams of amino acids during their first eating session. Those using weight loss drugs, such as Ozempic, must be especially vigilant about their protein levels or risk losing muscle mass.

“A lot of experts say we’re going to live to be 120, very soon. I think we’re real close. The question is going to be, if you’re going to live that long, are you going to be functional? You don’t want to be sitting on a bed for 40 years,” concluded the medical expert and business owner who grew up in the Hobcaw area.

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