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New biz unlocks the key to radiant skin

Moultrie News  February 28, 2024

As a range of skin issues — including acne, dark spots and dry skin — continue to bedevil men and women in Mount Pleasant and beyond, a new service provider is educating its customers on how to achieve and maintain a healthy-looking face.

Known as Clean Your Dirty Face (CYDF), the facials specialist has forged its path into the Charleston area by opening its doors on Dec. 16 at 1421 Shucker Circle in Mount Pleasant.

Business owner Lainey Green welcomed Town Council members and local Chamber of Commerce reps on Feb. 27 to celebrate CYDF's Lowcountry debut, as future plans call for two additional Charleston sites in the near future.

Prior to the day's ribbon-cutting ceremony, Green detailed the convenience of booking a facial at CYDF, which she described as a "non-toxic," "cost-accessible" and "education-based" 30-minute experience.

The Atlanta, Georgia native listed the plethora of skincare services a facial virgin can avail themselves of, including deep pore extractions, exfoliating pumpkin peels, brightening and hydra-boost moisturizing.

The eight on-site aestheticians offer each customer expert one-on-one care and consultations for a wide assortment of facial concerns.

"There's a huge lack of education," observed Green, who explained how numerous males limit themselves to washing their faces with soap in the shower or grabbing any bottle of lotion they stumble upon in the Whole Foods pharmaceutical aisle.

Those who visit CYDF over a period of time, she added, will undoubtedly reap the rewards.

"They will see tremendous benefits. We have customers who come in weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, etc. And there's a huge difference because, first of all, whatever their skin concerns are, people might be changing. [They] are changing with the climate, aging — all those things. If they were feeling dry, well, they're probably feeling very moisturized right now; if they had acne breakouts, those are probably a lot more under control, or at least they know how to control them."

CYDF's proven results, Green continued, are also a product of using the franchise's own brand lotions, creams and exfoliants that are free of harmful additives, as some of the key ingredients consist of lemon and charcoal.

As a lifelong skincare enthusiast, the married mother of two recounted her journey that brought her to CYDF.

"My background is being a business owner. I've always wanted to own a franchise. But when I was moving to Charleston, I looked into different things, and I do love skincare. So, when I found out about this, I secret-shopped one [and] just made an appointment. I went in as a skeptic, but I liked it."

To learn more about CYDF, call 843-853-1189 or visit

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