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Meditation simplified: Town welcomes Platform- A Consciousness Studio

Moultrie News November 22, 2023

Though the probability of finding a cure for the increased vehicular gridlock in the Greater Charleston area lies somewhere between slim and none, one enterprising newcomer may have just stumbled upon a new way for locals to unplug and peace out from the daily hustle-bustle.

Ailsa Foulke’s dream of opening a soothing getaway that unlocks the key to deep relaxation and rejuvenation was realized on Sept. 15 when she opened her Platform consciousness studio at 920 Houston Northcutt Blvd in Mount Pleasant.

During Platform’s Nov. 21 ribbon-cutting — attended by members of Town Council and Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce reps — Foulke explained how her “meditation simplified” concept has afforded customers a multiplicity of options when it comes to choosing how to unwind from pent-up stress, anxiety and mundane worries.


Individuals can, in fact, drop in at any time without appointment on weekdays (10 a.m.-7 p.m.) and weekends (10 a.m.-4 p.m.) for a 30-minute session at the relatively modest cost of $25. Those who prefer a more communal experience can attend live evening classes under the direction of a trained instructor.

Upon entering Platform’s serene environs — featuring several pillows, beds, lamps and blankets — visitors are treated to a pair of headsets that can transport them through a guided meditation, an affirmation meditation or lavish them with a harmonic sound bath.

“The idea was to bring meditation to everyone. People can feel kind of overwhelmed or that ‘I can’t meditate.’ There’s lots of science showing the benefits of meditation,” said Foulke.

“One of our popular meditations would be for letting go of anxiety and stress and fear which we see a lot of these days. And so, the idea with Platform is to lessen that ... and give them a relief. I do see that there’s a need for it absolutely in the area.”


To that end, observed the one-time interior designer and mindfulness expert, the decision to set up shop in Mount Pleasant’s Village Pointe Shopping Center was to give Platform’s clientele a centrally-located venue for those driving in from Sullivan’s Island, Daniel Island, West Ashley and other nearby areas.

As for platform’s demo target, the recently-opened meditation hub doesn’t have one, as it caters to people of all ages and stages of life, from a young student preoccupied with their studies to a frazzled working adult to a retired senior who may be looking to access a path to better health and wellness.

In addition to servicing corporations as well as individuals, Platform also sees a number of patients checking in for a meditation fix at the behest of their doctor or therapist.

“Everyone who has come in and tried it, loves it. So, we’ve just had really positive feedback. People are really happy that we’re here; they’re excited about the community because we are really building a community as well,” Foulke added.

“All of the people that do the live events in the evening are the best in the area. They were kind of jumping around from yoga studio to yoga studio, but now we have this one place where all your mindfulness and needs can be met in one place.”

For those seeking more information on Platform- A Consciousness Studio, visit or call 843-606-2110.

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