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Bacon, eggs and cheese — please!: Town welcomes Bodega

Moultrie News March 28, 2024

From the folks who opened Uptown Social and Shore House in Downtown Charleston comes a New York-style sandwich-first dining venue, known as Bodega, which has recently opened to rave reviews on 414 W. Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant.

The new business concept is the brainchild of the Uptown Hospitality Group, which was well-represented at Bodega's March 26 ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Town Council dignitaries and members of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce.

When asked what motivated his team to introduce a New York-style sandwich emporium, co-founder Keith Benjamin reasoned that necessity was the mother of invention during the trying times of COVID-19.

"We rolled it out of necessity because we needed another revenue stream during the pandemic and it took off like wildfire," said the New York City native, who relocated to Charleston in late 2017.

Colleague Alec Gropman recalled a meeting between business partners during that turbulent stretch that led the think-tank to conclude that there was a huge demand for breakfast food in the Holy City.

But instead of churning out much of the fare that was already widely available, the ownership group opted to fill a menu void in the Charleston market by offering bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches that have been traditionally popular in the Northeast.

"Bacon, egg and cheeses and New York-style delis have been a big part of my upbringing," observed Gropman, a Glen Cove, New York product. "Bacon, egg and cheeses aren't just food where I grew up — it's a way of life."

The addition of hearty bacon, egg and cheese combos and assorted brunch fare post-COVID to the Uptown Social and Shore House menus led Gropman and company to take their niche options over the Ravenel Bridge.

Armed with the knowledge acquired in Charleston, Bodega features a full menu of meat and egg-based sandwiches and more available daily from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. While hearty Eggs Benedict entrées, pancakes, chicken parm and pastrami concoctions will be served to their more ravenous customers, the Big Apple-themed eatery's list of food choices also includes a lighter assortment of salads, avocado toast and turkey clubs.

Gropman's expertise as a trained chef has been influential in determining what kind of restaurant Bodega would flourish into. And while the Fairfield County, Connecticut-raised investor has been exposed to a variety of global cuisines throughout his career, it was his nostalgia for  stick-to-your-ribs breakfast sandwiches that inspired him to share that love with Bodega's burgeoning legion of customers.

"The way I explain Bodega, it should feel like you're walking into your Saturday mornings when you were a kid, where you had no responsibilities. You had nothing to do all day except to crack open a box of cereal and watch cartoons. You know, when you walk into our establishment, you should feel transported, not just back to your earlier days, but also back to that carefree mindset," he continued while suggesting how patrons can easily swap out their morning flakes with a Bloody Mary cocktail or mimosa.

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