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Fitness studio celebrates 1-year of business

Moultrie News September 1, 2023

SOCiETY owners Brandon D’Agostino and Lindsey Principi celebrated one year of business with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 22. They were joined by members of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce and Mount Pleasant Town Council at the fitness studio located at 2700 N. Highway 17, Suite 170.

On the former site of MethodRide, the D’Agostinos opened SOCiETY in 2022, transforming it into a boutique fitness studio with a focus on community. SOCiETY offers indoor cycling, yoga and strength training. Brandon D’Agostino drew attention to the studio’s spa-like amenities while giving a tour of the gym that neighbors the Brickyard Plantation.

“We look at it as a kind of a holistic approach to fitness, but in the setting of a boutique fitness center that’s got high-end amenities like showers and spa-like bathrooms, cold face towel after class. All the goodies that you want after a hard workout along with personalized attention from certified personal trainers is something you might not get at some other fitness facilities,” D’Agostino said.

One thing that patrons may notice as they enter the spin studio is a lack of natural light and screens among the rows of stationary bikes. D’Agostino said the rhythm-based classes give their clients 45 minutes of “me-time” in their otherwise busy schedules.


“Sometimes we give you moments in class where you can just close your eyes, zone out, just take that time. Even though you’re working, you’re sweating, you’re burning calories, but you’re still mentally able to kind of take that time for yourself,” D’Agostino said.

SOCiETY aims for a holistic approach to fitness, offering yoga and strength training in addition to their popular spin sessions. Strength training classes are small, accommodating up to 24 people in a class to allow coaches to train one-on-one with clients easily. Lindsey Principi said this creates a sense of community within the studio.

“It’s just a really strong sense of that individuality, and really staying focused on our clients and meeting their exact needs because everyone has a different need. And that’s what the coaches really strive for, is to make sure that they’re having that personal experience,” Principi said.

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